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LRS Racing At Silverstone!

12 August 2015
Well what a weekend Ray has had as the trucks return to Silverstone for the first time in 25 years!

Ray had a positive start to the weekend as the team tweaked his trusty Renault steed by altering the balance to give him great front end grip and turn in.

This gave Ray the confidence to open up the taps and get some great racing in at the UK's premiere race track. With that achieved he started to climbing up the standings coming home in two 5th places followed by 6th and 7th. In one race Ray pulled off probably one of the best moves of the weekend. Defending his position against Oly Janes around Beckets Corner. Oly Janes had the inside line on the approach to the corner but Ray held his ground and with a breath taking move, went round the outside of the corner and keep his position. Having proved his turn of speed and the improved hamdling of the truck, Ray went head to head with Ryan Smith. For four laps Ryan could not get past Ray. Sadly for Ray a problem started to appear. He could not get in to the high split on his gear. This meant he came home in fifth place. After the race both Ryan and Mat Summerfield told Ray that he was not easy to pass! This meant that Ray knew he was on the verge of something special.

Sunday also saw the return of the Last Chance Race. This race was not for championship points but for grid positions in the Grand Final. Unfortunately for Ray the truck had a leak on the air cylinder and cylinder and this lead to having no clutch. So he had to sit out the qualifying race and start at the back of the grid! Ray would like to extend a big thank you to Andy Lovenberry who took a part of his truck so Ray could get his fixed in time for the last race of the weekend.

With Ray starting at the back of the grid in the Grand Final he was quietly confident of getting as high up the finishing order as possible. This was down to his confidence levels being on a high because of the way the truck was handling. He knew he could push and push hard! Ray started the last race of the weekend at the back of the grid. The first lap of the Grand Final descended rapidly in to a race of attrition and this would play to Rays advantage. He managed battle his way through to fifth place from row 13 twenty fifth position on the grid and then on lap 3 Ray was handed an opportunity he could not refuse. David Jenkins, Stuart Oliver and Oly Janes had a coming together that resulted in them all ending up in the gravel trap in the last turn. This promoted Ray to fourth place!! It was at the point that he was feeling highly confident and decided to go on the hunt for his first podium in truck racing. Ray started to hunt down and catch Mat Summerfield in third place, but then sadly a mechanical failure interrupted Rays charge to the front. His gearbox problem had returned and he could not select top gear. This lead Ray to make the decision to back off and keep his revs below 2500rpm to not damage the engine.

With the gearbox away for repairs, Ray is now looking towards the next race in the knowledge he has a great handling truck and the speed to run at the front. He is now highly confident his first podium will be in the near future!

All in all, Ray had a great weekend and is now only a handful of points behind his nearest rival, Ricky Collett.

Next it is on to Snetterton in Norfolk over the weekend of the 19th & 20th September,

Ray once again would like to thank his Team for all their help, his sponsors for their continued support. Also not forgetting his family and friends for their belief in him.

See you all in 5 weeks time after the summer break.

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LRS Racing At Silverstone!
12 August 2015 Well what a weekend Ray has had as the trucks return to Silverstone for the first time in 25 years!

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