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26 September 2014
Lantern Recovery are pleased to announce their return to the world of Truck Racing, Managing Director Ray Coleman is racing the LRS vehicle in all the races of the BTRA (British Truck Racing Association) series.

The series has been running for over 25 years, featuring twin axle tractor units, roughly based on serious production trucks but with major performance modifications. The trucks are all limited to 100mph (GPS controlled), minimum weight is 5.5Ts and a minimum of 3.2Ts must be on the front axle – combined with no ABS, Traction Control or Auto Gearbox’s – it creates some very spectacular racing!

Our vehicle - the Renault based machine, designed and made by MKR Engineering in the Czech Republic is a monster. With 1160BHP, a 0-60mph speed of around 5 seconds, racing this vehicle is by no means easy! It has water cooled brakes and intercoolers, slick tyres and a sound like thunder!!

Having entered our first competition at Castle Donnington a few months ago, we have since raced at Snetterton at the start of September. With 2 more meetings to go until the end of the season, Ray and the team are getting faster and faster and are now up with the fastest racers in the competition.

Having struggled slightly in the rain and terrible conditions at Donnington, the team have changed the set up of the vehicle and got a great deal of practise in, showing with a vast improvement in lap times and race positions at Snetterton at the start of this month - even showed by the battle scars left on the vehicle when it returned to base!

Ray has shown that the vehicle is capable of being at the top of the league, and is aiming to finish the season on a high!

Having made serious modifications to the vehicle since the last race, we cannot wait to be at Pembrey at the start of October, and then to finish the season at Brands Hatch at the start of November - tickets are very reasonable and we are looking forward to inviting family, friends and colleagues to the meetings in the near future.

All of the races are shown on Motors TV with fantastic publicity for Ray and LRS last week as the new-comer to the series!

For more information on the series, please visit the BTRA website where you can find all the race meeting details, vehicle and driver details but also more information on the Association itself!

Sponsorship opportunities are available on the vehicle, please contact either James or Ray directly to arrange an information package for this!

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