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23 October 2012
Mrs M rang us to tell us that she had been left in a nightmare scenario when her son broke down but our recovery driver was an “absolute star and made the whole process so easy”.

Mr C rang and advised us that “he was very pleased with how the breakdown and the subsequent repair of his truck was done in such an efficient and professional manner.”

Miss A said “that our service is excellent!”

Mr G from Mercedes Benz told us what a pleasant experience he had following a breakdown. He advised us that “our driver was polite, sincere, professional and very efficient and was very impressed with the whole experience!”

Mrs E rang her breakdown company to pass on her thanks to us about how “good our service was and how we handled her breakdown promptly and got to her quickly.”

Mr B rang to advise us about how impressed he was with our driver. He described our driver as “brilliant and added that he was polite, professional and that his recovery vehicle was clean and tidy too!”

Mr S rang his breakdown company to make sure that they told us how “accommodating and understanding our driver was.” The customer had a 22 month old child in his vehicle and our driver made a difficult situation very easy to deal with!

Ms C rang her breakdown company to make us aware how “great our service was when she broke down!” Ms C added that we were completely safe on the motorway and that we did everything possible to make sure that they got going and got home ok!

Mrs B rang us to give us glowing reports of our vehicle mechanic and recovery drivers. She said that “our mechanic was very knowledgeable and knew exactly what he was doing and diagnosed the correct fault and that our recovery driver was extremely professional and a truly lovely man!”

Mr N from BMW rang us and told us what a “kind and professional service was offered by our driver.” He added our service was “very efficient and what could have been an extremely stressful morning turned into a minor setback in the day!”

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